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Donald Glover’s Atlanta Is The Best Thing That’s Happened To FX.

I am supposed to write a review about Atlanta, but, I feel like I should tell you a little more about the man that I have a creative crush on. Donald Glover. Here we go…

When I first heard Donald Glover was leaving Community, I didn’t bat an eyelash. I never really got into Community and thought Donald’s writing talent was being wasted. It was rumored Donald left Community to focus more on his rapping career. Glover expelled those rumors with the now infamous rant on hotel napkins through Instagram. I was still  a little unclear on why he left. But, nevertheless, I waited anxiously to see what Donald had in-stored for us. Later that year he dropped his second studio album, Because Of The Internet. Because Of The Internet received a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album and was a commercial success. Donald was also seen on the big screen, with small parts in The Martian and Magic Mike. Soon after, it was announced, Donald Glover’s Atlanta was picked up by FX. This was very exciting for Donald Glover fans. He has a very loyal fan base.

Now on to the show, Atlanta. Atlanta is supposed to be about a young man named, Earn trying to make it in the music business with his rapper cousin, Paper Boi. But, it’s about much more than that. The show takes you on a comedic dark roller coaster that’s filled with uncomfortable and unforgettable scenes that will leave you wanting more. There isn’t a show to compare it to. It’s just as raw as a show can get. The characters are relatable and real. From the scene where Earn, played by Glover can’t afford to take the mother of his child to dinner to the very cringe worthy jail scene when a man finds out his ex girlfriend was born male by homophobic inmates. This show is a different take about growing up and making a living in the real world. We have seen a lot of shows about women in their 20s, 30s and 40s. I think Grace and Frankie are in their damn 70s. But, we have never seen a show about a young black man from a two parent household, trying to make ends meet. Atlanta was long over due and I am here for it.

Donald Glover plays the homeless, hopeless Earn. Earn is a down on his luck college drop out. When Earn isn’t struggling to help out financially to help raise his daughter, he’s trying to manage his  wannabe rapper cousin, Alfred. AKA, Paper Boi. Earn lives with his daughter’s mother Van, who seemingly has her shit together.


My favorite character on the show is Darius. Darius is played by Keith Stanfield. You may recognize Stanfield from playing Snoop in Straight Outta Compton. Everyone knows a pothead like Darius. The insightful, positive, crafty, chill asf pothead. Everyone needs to smoke weed with a guy like Darius. He’s the friend that will have your back and will also tell you the truth when you need it.



I don’t want to give too much away. If you haven’t seen Atlanta, please do yourself a huge favor and go watch it now! I promise it won’t disappoint. And if you don’t happen to like Atlanta, something is definitely wrong with you. You can catch Atlanta on Tuesday nights at 10PM on FX.


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Breaking Bad Season 5 Trailer

Well, the cancer stricken bald guy is back. With each season Walter White (Bryan Cranston) gets more and more cold. In season 5, good old Walter is still slanging crystal meth. Walt successfully cut out the middle man, Gus Fring,(Giancarlo Esposito), and now he is free to become the King Of  All Meth Dealers. With the help of his sidekick Jesse (Aaron Paul) he can not lose. This show is like a gritty, smarmy superhero show. No?

Is it me or do you wonder if Walter will grow his hair back? Is he still going through chemo? hmmmm.

The new season of breaking bad premiere watch the trailer here

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HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’

HBO’s new series from Aaron Sorkin, “The Newsroom,”  is not a bad show. The pilot was solid. Sure it was a bit chatty. But, so were old movies and old TV dramas in the 40’s and 50’s. You can always tell when writers and directors are true fans of cinema and television. They get that TV and Film is art. Aaron Sorkin gets it. He is constantly challenging you with clever dialogue and storylines. My only complaint is some of the scenes ran a bit long. Cut it down Sorkin. Do you need me to come work for you? Because I will. It would be my pleasure.

The show starts off with Will McAvoy returning from a forced vacation to find out his ex girlfriend was hired to be his new Executive Producer. He is livid. There is lots of yelling and talking. Is this show like the best show on TV? No. But is it a solid show that will engage you? Yes. I enjoyed the stellar acting and writing from beginning to end. I see critics are saying, the show is not for stupid Americans. Yea it is. Not all Americans prefer dumbed down television. Some of us like to be challenged and impressed. Thank you Aaron Sorkin. Thank you for understanding some of us want our brains stimulated at night and not put on ice. Check out Mr. Sorkin’s show here .

Tell me what you think about The Newsroom

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