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How To Get Away With Murder, Season 1 Episode 3

A little tiny spoiler below.

Shonda Rhimes is on to something with “HTGAWM.” I hated Private Practice and loved Greys Anatomy right up to season 3. Scandal got ridiculous last season and I have yet to to watch a full episode this season. I am still not convinced that Viola Davis was the best choice as he lead for “HTGAWM.” I hate her lace front wigs and prefer if she just wore her real hair. But, with each episode she kind of wins me over and I love “How To Get Away With Murder.”

On ‘How To get Away With Murder’, we see Michaela struggle on making a decision to get past her fiance’s homosexual past. Was she angry that she had to find out from someone else or angry he was once with a man. I think it was a little of both. What would you do? Would you marry a man who had a homosexual past? I remember when I was dating someone who I thought was gay. I couldn’t get it out of my head. He told me he wasn’t but, all signs pointed towards him being gay. I broke up with him. He thinks it’s because of his porn addiction. It wasn’t. It was because I suspected he was very gay. I was also going to marry a man who told me he found Transexuals attractive and had fantasies of having sex with them. And then I think about Kendra Wilkinson from The Girls Next Door. Her husband had sex with a Transexual while she was pregnant. Does that mean he is gay? I have no idea. I just know that we live in a world where sexual orientation is not black or white. Soon, there will soon be no gay or straight. It’s limiting everyone, because there are layers. To some people, sex is just sex. I mean, you can’t help who and what you are sexual attracted to. I do know our government is trying really hard to put everyone in a box and I think as time progresses we will see that you can’t put anyone in a box. People change. As long as you are very honest with your partner, you should be okay. If someone can’t handle your honesty, then they aren’t the one for you.

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TV Review: Kerry Washington In ‘Scandal’

ABC has heard my pleas to get rid of Private Practice after Greys Anatomy on Thursdays. Private Practice has been moved to Tuesday nights. Yes! In its place is another Shonda Rhimes creation, Scandal. Scandal is a drama/soap opera show starring Kerry Washington. The show is partially based on former aid for George H. W. Bush, Judy Smith. But the shows character, Olivia doesn’t work  for the president in the series. Olivia kind of seems like a Lawyer/PR/Private Investigator.

The shows first episode was pretty engaging. I mean you spend a great deal of time wondering exactly what type of services Olivia and her team provide. They seem like the corporate The A-Team. Can you tell me exactly what type of service Hannibal and Mr. T provided? Probably not. So lets just swallow whatever crap Shondra Rhimes is feeding us, because the presentation looks pretty darn good.

The show starts off with a weird job interview conducted at a bar by Harrison Wright, who works for Olivia. He interviews Quinn Perkins and gives her the job on the spot. Quinn is put straight to work after the interview and is teased about her cleavage. Quinn doesn’t even know what Olivia and her team does, but somehow she is a big fan. The firm  takes the case of a guy who shows up with blood on his shirt and all evidence suggests he is indeed the killer of his fiance. Olivia and her team race against time to prove his innocence. But in between all of that, we find out why Olivia left the white house and her womanizing colleague gets engaged.

Scandal is actually a great show to watch on a Thursday night. It’s just as juicy as Revenge and just as dramatic a Greys Anatomy. Scandal is the type of show that will have you  chatting about it over lunch at work. You can check out episodes of Scandal on .

Leave me a comment on your thoughts about Scandal.

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