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Game Of Thrones Season 4, Episode 2: The Purple Wedding

Mild Spoilers Below:

This is the episode that everyone who has read the books have been waiting for. But, we will get to that later.

Ramsey Snow has trained Theon Greyjoy, who is now “Reek” to be his indentured servant. When Lord Bolton arrives, he sees what Theon has become and questions his bastard son Ramsey. Bolton was planning on trading a whole Theon, not a broken Theon. Bolton is informed the young Stark boys are indeed alive and it was the little orphan farm boys Theon burned and hung at Winterfell. And now, new plan is hatched.



Stuff that was kind of weak:

Jamie Lannister is determined to learn to fight with his remaining hand. Bran is still looking for the 3 eyed crow. Yawn! ┬áLord Stannis and his red headed bimbo are sacrificing people for the “Lord Of Light” again.

Now on to the juice. This is what we have all been waiting for. The big wedding. Joffrey was in rare form tonight. He taunted his poor uncle Tyrion all through the reception. He hired dwarfs for the entertainment. He poured wine over ┬áTyrion’s head. He made Tyrion his cup barrier. Then he demanded Tyrion to “Kneel before Zod.” It was all a big spectacle. But,then the pie arrives. While King Joffery is wolfing down his pie with his new Queen, Margaery , Tyrion and his child bride Sansa has had a enough and tries to sneak out. Joffery urges them to stay as he needs some wine to wash down his pie. Tyrion obliges and gives Joffery a goblet of wine. Then the most glorious scene occurs. Joffery starts to choke. It was glorious! Not as good as the Red Wedding scene, but glorious. Ding Dong, The King Is Dead. All signs point toward Tyrion and he is arrested. That part wasn’t so glorious. Tyrion can’t catch a break. He can’t get any ass from his wife. He can’t get any ass from his whore. Can he live??? Let Tyrion be great!!!

Everyone pour a little liquor out for King Joffrey. Yes, he was evil. But, he made Game Of Thrones great.


What do you guys think will happen to Tyrion?

Side Bar: I know people who read the books think they are superior to everyone who hasn’t, but I kind of wish I didn’t know Joffery was going to be poisoned. It took away that feeling I had when I hadn’t read the books and saw The Red Wedding. So don’t listen to the snobby geeks who make you feel like they are better than you for reading the books. If you love TV and movies like I do, you know what I mean.


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