Breaking Bad Season 5 Trailer

Well, the cancer stricken bald guy is back. With each season Walter White (Bryan Cranston) gets more and more cold. In season 5, good old Walter is still slanging crystal meth. Walt successfully cut out the middle man, Gus Fring,(Giancarlo Esposito), and now he is free to become the King Of  All Meth Dealers. With the help of his sidekick Jesse (Aaron Paul) he can not lose. This show is like a gritty, smarmy superhero show. No?

Is it me or do you wonder if Walter will grow his hair back? Is he still going through chemo? hmmmm.

The new season of breaking bad premiere watch the trailer here

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HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’

HBO’s new series from Aaron Sorkin, “The Newsroom,”  is not a bad show. The pilot was solid. Sure it was a bit chatty. But, so were old movies and old TV dramas in the 40’s and 50’s. You can always tell when writers and directors are true fans of cinema and television. They get that TV and Film is art. Aaron Sorkin gets it. He is constantly challenging you with clever dialogue and storylines. My only complaint is some of the scenes ran a bit long. Cut it down Sorkin. Do you need me to come work for you? Because I will. It would be my pleasure.

The show starts off with Will McAvoy returning from a forced vacation to find out his ex girlfriend was hired to be his new Executive Producer. He is livid. There is lots of yelling and talking. Is this show like the best show on TV? No. But is it a solid show that will engage you? Yes. I enjoyed the stellar acting and writing from beginning to end. I see critics are saying, the show is not for stupid Americans. Yea it is. Not all Americans prefer dumbed down television. Some of us like to be challenged and impressed. Thank you Aaron Sorkin. Thank you for understanding some of us want our brains stimulated at night and not put on ice. Check out Mr. Sorkin’s show here .

Tell me what you think about The Newsroom

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TV Review: Kerry Washington In ‘Scandal’

ABC has heard my pleas to get rid of Private Practice after Greys Anatomy on Thursdays. Private Practice has been moved to Tuesday nights. Yes! In its place is another Shonda Rhimes creation, Scandal. Scandal is a drama/soap opera show starring Kerry Washington. The show is partially based on former aid for George H. W. Bush, Judy Smith. But the shows character, Olivia doesn’t work  for the president in the series. Olivia kind of seems like a Lawyer/PR/Private Investigator.

The shows first episode was pretty engaging. I mean you spend a great deal of time wondering exactly what type of services Olivia and her team provide. They seem like the corporate The A-Team. Can you tell me exactly what type of service Hannibal and Mr. T provided? Probably not. So lets just swallow whatever crap Shondra Rhimes is feeding us, because the presentation looks pretty darn good.

The show starts off with a weird job interview conducted at a bar by Harrison Wright, who works for Olivia. He interviews Quinn Perkins and gives her the job on the spot. Quinn is put straight to work after the interview and is teased about her cleavage. Quinn doesn’t even know what Olivia and her team does, but somehow she is a big fan. The firm  takes the case of a guy who shows up with blood on his shirt and all evidence suggests he is indeed the killer of his fiance. Olivia and her team race against time to prove his innocence. But in between all of that, we find out why Olivia left the white house and her womanizing colleague gets engaged.

Scandal is actually a great show to watch on a Thursday night. It’s just as juicy as Revenge and just as dramatic a Greys Anatomy. Scandal is the type of show that will have you  chatting about it over lunch at work. You can check out episodes of Scandal on .

Leave me a comment on your thoughts about Scandal.

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Live from Daryl’s House Delights!

This little gem is the best kept secret on a Saturday night. Daryl Hall from the group Hall & Oates has a great TV show and webseries called Live From Daryl’s House that’s all about live music. Daryl has up and coming and some well known recording artists come to his house in upstate New York and jam out. What makes this show great is, it’s all about the music. Daryl and his guests jam out and then talk about music  over dinner. It’s all very casual and very perfect. Well don’t take my word for it, check out the link  posted below.

Check your local listing to see when Live From Daryl’s House is playing in your area.

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The Triumphant Return Of Mad Men

After a very  long hiatus, Mad Men returned with a bang. The hiatus gave people who were not acquainted with the critically acclaimed series time to catch up. For a long time I believed season 1 was the best season. And I was hanging on by a very thin thread by the end of season 4. But, last nights episode sucked me right back in. I was pleasantly surprised by the storylines  and witty banter. However, where was Betty Draper? I have to be honest I had not noticed she was missing from the episode until this morning! Oh well… maybe next episode!

Episode 1 of season 5 is centered around each character adjusting to the new changes in their lives  and Don’s new life with his french Canadian wife:

Here is a very brief summary of last nights episode (no real spoilers alert):

The new Mrs. Draper throws Don a great surprise party that has everyone talking at work, but has she and Don at odds.

Peggy has a loving sweet Boyfriend. And she is a little concerned with the new Don.

Pete is making big moves at the agency and feels like his office should reflect that.

Joan had Roger Sterling’s baby and wants to head back to work.

Roger is Roger…. but he isn’t the power house he once was. But he is still a partner.

Lane is still a creepy weirdo cheat with an accent.

Sally is still doing strange shhh…

Can’t wait for the next episode. Hopefully Betty will show up.

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Basketball Wives LA Reunion Was A Big Snore!

The first half of the reunion show was very boring. Perhaps they need to get rid of the host. John Salley is not a good host for the show. Salley does not ask the right questions. You need a real fan of the show to host. Hopefully the second half is better. Anyways check out what I thought about it below:

I was happy to see the ladies all glammed up. Everyone looked nice. Jackie’s look was my least favorite. I would have liked her to get rid of the neck fur and arm flap.

Here are some things I think the girls should’ve admitted during the show:

Draya please admit you made some mistakes with your kid. You are not convincing me or anyone else that it was fake or a misunderstanding.

Gloria looked great. I would like her to also admit she was tired of Matt cheating and that’s why she left. And what is Jackie trying to say that Vh1 keeps bleeping out. Who did you sleep with????? Who? Was it Gilbert? Shaq? Who? Oh and admit you ain’t fucking no one up on site. Stand down. LOL

Laura admit that you were gossiping as well. It wasn’t just Jackie. Also, you couldn’t wait to get Draya in the ring to whip her ass.

Imani it will do you well to admit you are a gold digger. It’s okay. Most women are. That is why you lied to you former fiance about your kids and age.

Malaysia, I need you to admit that you don’t use your first name La Keesha or La Queesha, because it’s a hoodrat name.

Jackie maybe it is time for you to admit you can be a weeeeee bit crazy. Just a bit. And “Stand down” is not a quotable phrase. Let it go.

Check out the reunion here

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck And Bill Maher Square Off

Wow! The View was awkward today. Elisabeth decides to confront Bill Maher on a joke he made about her back in February. Maher said something like replacing Lara Logan with Elisabeth for the Egyptians to attack her. Something like that. Well ElisaBitch mentions it on the show …. back in February. And the audience laughed. She huffed about how it wasn’t funny and it was disrespectful to women. Joy was all like it’s a joke hun, shut up. Okay cut to today on The View. Bill Maher comes out and he only gets out a few sentences about the Penn State scandal when Elisabeth starts in on him about the comments he made months ago. Elisabeth tells Maher he isn’t funny. Bill fires back with,”We do a comedy show for an audience that’s perhaps different than your audience. You are a public figure. It was not aimed at you personally, but when you are a public figure, you are out there and your fodder for comedians to make comments on.”  ElisaBitch is still pissed and tries to argue with Maher. No one wants to hear it. Hasselbeck throws everyone off their game. The women start stuttering and muttering with Bill Maher looking annoyed. All a big awkward mess. Check out the exchange here.

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Basketball Wives LA Season Finale

It’s the return of Kimsha! Jackie has been alienated from all the other girls and being the desperate weirdo she is, she calls over Kimsha to fill her in on the crazy crap that’s been going on. Kimsha could care less.

Laura announces she is moving to Orlando to be closer to her kids father. Good for her. Bye!

Gloria and Matt break up. They have this weird staged packing scene full of cynicism. Matt does this thing that all guys do when it’s too late. Beg. But since he was on national TV, his begging was kind of subdued. It was clear Gloria was tired of living a lie and wants to be with a man who is crazy about her. I don’t blame her.

Malaysia is tweaking her jewelry line. Okay…

Jackie has a photo shoot for her ‘Old Lady Chic’ clothing line. Her husband Doug was there to help out. During the photo shoot Doug tells one of the girls to swing her hair. Jackie gets this crazed forced smile on her face and tells him he is getting too personal with the model. The old lady is crazy!

Imani has the wrong weave texture.

Draya says she is working on her family coming to live with her in LA. Yeah right!

The episode ends with them having a “sit down” They all come to dinner wearing black. Jackie is the last to show. She tells them she will not speak until she has her drink. Okay old lady! The meeting begins with Jackie saying something wack. They all start rolling their eyes, They start to accuse Jackie of being the reason for all the drama. I do not believe that. I think Laura had a hand in it as well. And who didn’t talk shit about Draya?? Jackie fake dials someone. This didn’t help her case at all. And did anyone catch what Jackie was saying about Gloria and Laura sleeping with someone? What was THAT about? Maybe it will come out during the reunion. The show ends with everyone leaving Jackie at the table. Nothing is resolved. Just a bunch of mess.

Can’t wait for the reunion! 🙂

Watch episodes of Basketball Wives LA here


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All Is Not Fair In Love And Hip Hop Season 2 Ep 1

I don’t get women who date rappers. I couldn’t date a rapper on their lyrical content alone. If you listen to most rappers lyrics they all seem to be womanizers. A lot of them have daddy issues and lack a real sense of what a loving relationship should be like. How many are married anyway?

Before I watch Love And Hip Hop I have to prepare myself to not be too judgmental. It’s very hard. Which brings me here.  Let’s get started shall we:

The show starts off with Chrissy and Jim Jones at the jewelry store replacing the ring Chrissy gave Jim…. when SHE proposed. Apparently he lost the ring. Wow! Really? Jim,  you lost your ring? Chrissy, don’t you believe it! I don’t believe he lost his ring. I believe he threw the shit somewhere while trying to score some grade A groupie vagina. Well luckily they had insurance on the ring.  Right? Whatever!  Chrissy is still waiting on Jim to propose. It’s pretty pathetic. But, she gets lovely “pain killers” as stalling gifts. Chrissy calls the earrings Jim buys for her pain killers. Apparently they ease the pain of Jim not proposing. Whatever gets you through the day Chrissy. I have to say Jim Jones is looking good these days. I used to say Jim Jones looks like he smells like Colt 45 and weed. But now he looks like he smells like corn chips…. and weed. Vast improvement.

While these two were out expressing their ghetto love, Mama Jones was in the studio cutting a diss record aimed at Chrissy. Jim’s  mom sounds like she’s been smoking cigarettes since she stepped out the womb. She sounds like a 1940’s mobster.

Emily has decided to have a bang this season. Bad decision. However, her decision to leave her rapper boyfriend is very good. Emily, some bangs are too long and shouldn’t attack your eyes. You look like Kat Stacks in 5 years.

Olivia is still holding on to the idea she will have a successful music career.

Somaya has the same idea. Somaya…… get rid of the hobbit manager and think of other ways to make money. Well, at least she got her teeth fixed. Somaya probably went to that same dentist that Malaysia from Basketball Wives LA goes to.

There were two new girls introduced. Self proclaimed model Kimbella and Jim Jones former manager Yandy. Kimbella is the mother of  Juelz Santana’s child. After careful consideration  a quick chat with Yandy. Kimbella decides to tell Emily at her independence party that she “dated” Fab …….while Emily was pregnant. Emily retorts with a low blow, “You look like the type.” Then she back peddles when Kimbella asks her what she meant. Chrissy is watching the whole exchange and she gets heated when they seem too cordial for her taste. Kimbella and Chrissy start to argue. Chrissy then sucker punches Kimbella. Self proclaimed model down! Weave and booty everywhere!

This is what I learned from this episode:

Chrissy wears a weave.

Kimbella “still looks pretty” after a fight

Yandy looks like a man when giving toasts

Emily’s bangs really bother me

Olivia may have missed her music window.

Somaya may never have a hit song

What did you learn?

Check out episodes of Love And Hip Hop here


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Community…. Yea Not My Thing… Kind Of

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to get into the show Community. I can’t see the difference between Community and Happy Endings. Same type of humor. You  know….the silly weed smoker humor. The kind of humor that doesn’t require you to think… at all. Which is good for weed smokers and for people who just want to sit and watch TV and not think. I get it.  I really can’t watch either show. Well that’s a lie. I can watch. But I never laugh. Cool storylines. I am just not into really obvious kooky humor. I do however see the appeal in both shows. The Big Bang Theory is on at the same time as Community. Do yourself a favor and watch The Big Bang Theory.  I love this show. I have to admit I just started watching and I am mad I never gave this show a chance before. The writing is always fun and clever. The creator, Chuck Lorre is an amazing writer. I am a big fan. I am hoping I get to sit next to him at an award show one day. Picture it:  He and I are in best comedy category. My show wins and I look surprised. I turn to my husband/boyfriend and he mouths, “You did it!” I turn to Chuck Lorre and he nods my way. I smile graciously and glide my way up those stairs to collect my Emmy. I make a few jokes on how my son/daughter should be in bed. I start thanking my agent and manager. Oh… after I thank God. Then I turn to my husband/boyfriend and say something like, ” Thank you baby for being my rock and putting up with my long hours, blah blah blah, I love you…” And then the music starts to let me know to wrap it up. That’s when I give my  quotable part of my speech. The music makes it more dramatic. I belt out, “Everyone out there hold on to your dreams, and always take the street Fountain and always avoid Wilshire.” And Scene….

Back to Community. Community has a solid cast of actors. Donald Glover has just released a rap single and I love it. Don’t sleep on Donald Glover. He is a dope MC  and you can check out his music here.

You can check out episodes of Community and judge for yourself. A lot of my friends love the show. Click here for eps of Community


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