Donald Glover’s Atlanta Is The Best Thing That’s Happened To FX.

I am supposed to write a review about Atlanta, but, I feel like I should tell you a little more about the man that I have a creative crush on. Donald Glover. Here we go…

When I first heard Donald Glover was leaving Community, I didn’t bat an eyelash. I never really got into Community and thought Donald’s writing talent was being wasted. It was rumored Donald left Community to focus more on his rapping career. Glover expelled those rumors with the now infamous rant on hotel napkins through Instagram. I was still  a little unclear on why he left. But, nevertheless, I waited anxiously to see what Donald had in-stored for us. Later that year he dropped his second studio album, Because Of The Internet. Because Of The Internet received a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album and was a commercial success. Donald was also seen on the big screen, with small parts in The Martian and Magic Mike. Soon after, it was announced, Donald Glover’s Atlanta was picked up by FX. This was very exciting for Donald Glover fans. He has a very loyal fan base.

Now on to the show, Atlanta. Atlanta is supposed to be about a young man named, Earn trying to make it in the music business with his rapper cousin, Paper Boi. But, it’s about much more than that. The show takes you on a comedic dark roller coaster that’s filled with uncomfortable and unforgettable scenes that will leave you wanting more. There isn’t a show to compare it to. It’s just as raw as a show can get. The characters are relatable and real. From the scene where Earn, played by Glover can’t afford to take the mother of his child to dinner to the very cringe worthy jail scene when a man finds out his ex girlfriend was born male by homophobic inmates. This show is a different take about growing up and making a living in the real world. We have seen a lot of shows about women in their 20s, 30s and 40s. I think Grace and Frankie are in their damn 70s. But, we have never seen a show about a young black man from a two parent household, trying to make ends meet. Atlanta was long over due and I am here for it.

Donald Glover plays the homeless, hopeless Earn. Earn is a down on his luck college drop out. When Earn isn’t struggling to help out financially to help raise his daughter, he’s trying to manage his  wannabe rapper cousin, Alfred. AKA, Paper Boi. Earn lives with his daughter’s mother Van, who seemingly has her shit together.


My favorite character on the show is Darius. Darius is played by Keith Stanfield. You may recognize Stanfield from playing Snoop in Straight Outta Compton. Everyone knows a pothead like Darius. The insightful, positive, crafty, chill asf pothead. Everyone needs to smoke weed with a guy like Darius. He’s the friend that will have your back and will also tell you the truth when you need it.



I don’t want to give too much away. If you haven’t seen Atlanta, please do yourself a huge favor and go watch it now! I promise it won’t disappoint. And if you don’t happen to like Atlanta, something is definitely wrong with you. You can catch Atlanta on Tuesday nights at 10PM on FX.


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How To Get Away With Murder, Season 1 Episode 3

A little tiny spoiler below.

Shonda Rhimes is on to something with “HTGAWM.” I hated Private Practice and loved Greys Anatomy right up to season 3. Scandal got ridiculous last season and I have yet to to watch a full episode this season. I am still not convinced that Viola Davis was the best choice as he lead for “HTGAWM.” I hate her lace front wigs and prefer if she just wore her real hair. But, with each episode she kind of wins me over and I love “How To Get Away With Murder.”

On ‘How To get Away With Murder’, we see Michaela struggle on making a decision to get past her fiance’s homosexual past. Was she angry that she had to find out from someone else or angry he was once with a man. I think it was a little of both. What would you do? Would you marry a man who had a homosexual past? I remember when I was dating someone who I thought was gay. I couldn’t get it out of my head. He told me he wasn’t but, all signs pointed towards him being gay. I broke up with him. He thinks it’s because of his porn addiction. It wasn’t. It was because I suspected he was very gay. I was also going to marry a man who told me he found Transexuals attractive and had fantasies of having sex with them. And then I think about Kendra Wilkinson from The Girls Next Door. Her husband had sex with a Transexual while she was pregnant. Does that mean he is gay? I have no idea. I just know that we live in a world where sexual orientation is not black or white. Soon, there will soon be no gay or straight. It’s limiting everyone, because there are layers. To some people, sex is just sex. I mean, you can’t help who and what you are sexual attracted to. I do know our government is trying really hard to put everyone in a box and I think as time progresses we will see that you can’t put anyone in a box. People change. As long as you are very honest with your partner, you should be okay. If someone can’t handle your honesty, then they aren’t the one for you.

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Mad Men Season 7


The tone of Mad Men hasn’t been the same for years. Season 6 was so disjointed and all over the place, it was hard to stay interested. Season 7 premiered last night and I wasn’t impressed. Things  at SC&P has changed.  They have a new guy named Lou. Who is no Don Draper, but people seem to like him. Well, except Peggy. Lou  is making Peggy work hard for his praise. Ted has moved his family to California to get away from Peggy. Because he loved her too much. Hey, that’s kind of what he said. Pete is in California as well and he’s gone Hollywood. California is the type of place you have to embrace or you will hate it. Peter has embraced and made love to California.

We see Don arrive in California and he looks to be in great spirits. Megan is taking meetings and settling into her new home. Their sex life appears to have fizzled. But, Don is in good spirits through it all. He even turns down a young hot traveler on his plane back to New York. The old Don Draper would have took her in the bathroom and punched his miles high club card. Roger is being Roger. He has a young lady love that loves orgies. His daughter wants to reconnect. Probably for money. Joan is determined to make a name for herself at the agency.

I really didn’t find this episode interesting at all. So, I am going to spare you the rest. I hope the next episode is better than this one.


What did you think?

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Game Of Thrones Season 4, Episode 2: The Purple Wedding

Mild Spoilers Below:

This is the episode that everyone who has read the books have been waiting for. But, we will get to that later.

Ramsey Snow has trained Theon Greyjoy, who is now “Reek” to be his indentured servant. When Lord Bolton arrives, he sees what Theon has become and questions his bastard son Ramsey. Bolton was planning on trading a whole Theon, not a broken Theon. Bolton is informed the young Stark boys are indeed alive and it was the little orphan farm boys Theon burned and hung at Winterfell. And now, new plan is hatched.



Stuff that was kind of weak:

Jamie Lannister is determined to learn to fight with his remaining hand. Bran is still looking for the 3 eyed crow. Yawn!  Lord Stannis and his red headed bimbo are sacrificing people for the “Lord Of Light” again.

Now on to the juice. This is what we have all been waiting for. The big wedding. Joffrey was in rare form tonight. He taunted his poor uncle Tyrion all through the reception. He hired dwarfs for the entertainment. He poured wine over  Tyrion’s head. He made Tyrion his cup barrier. Then he demanded Tyrion to “Kneel before Zod.” It was all a big spectacle. But,then the pie arrives. While King Joffery is wolfing down his pie with his new Queen, Margaery , Tyrion and his child bride Sansa has had a enough and tries to sneak out. Joffery urges them to stay as he needs some wine to wash down his pie. Tyrion obliges and gives Joffery a goblet of wine. Then the most glorious scene occurs. Joffery starts to choke. It was glorious! Not as good as the Red Wedding scene, but glorious. Ding Dong, The King Is Dead. All signs point toward Tyrion and he is arrested. That part wasn’t so glorious. Tyrion can’t catch a break. He can’t get any ass from his wife. He can’t get any ass from his whore. Can he live??? Let Tyrion be great!!!

Everyone pour a little liquor out for King Joffrey. Yes, he was evil. But, he made Game Of Thrones great.


What do you guys think will happen to Tyrion?

Side Bar: I know people who read the books think they are superior to everyone who hasn’t, but I kind of wish I didn’t know Joffery was going to be poisoned. It took away that feeling I had when I hadn’t read the books and saw The Red Wedding. So don’t listen to the snobby geeks who make you feel like they are better than you for reading the books. If you love TV and movies like I do, you know what I mean.


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Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 1

Mild spoiler alert.

Game Of Thrones has got to be one of the best TV shows of all time. Yea, I know, we have all said that about Breaking Bad. But, Breaking Bad is gone and well, Game Of Thrones has the throne now… literally. I think I’ve seen all the past episodes at least 3 or 4 times. It’s the only way I can keep up with all the characters. My favorite character is Tyrion, played by Peter Dinklage. My friend and I were watching The Game Of Thrones marathon last weekend and we both admitted we thought Peter was very sexy and thought about having sexual relations with him, on different occasions. Don’t act like you don’t have those thoughts as well. It’s not just us!!

Let’s get to the episode, shall we? Well, Jamie is back at Kings Landing and they’ve crafted a Luke Skywalker type of hand for him to walk around with.  His father wants him to rule over Casterly Rock in his place. But, Jamie is determined to continue to be Hand Of The King. For some reason, acting as the King of Casterly Rock doesn’t interest him. He would rather continue screwing his sister and protecting his awful son/nephew. His sister/lover, Cersei seems indifferent towards him. When Jamie tries to have an intimate moment with Cersei, she denies him and tells him, “You left me all alone.” Jamie’s son/nephew, Joffery down plays his accomplishments and taunts him about getting captured and losing his hand. Not the warm welcome he was hoping for.


Daenerys, ‘Mother Of Dragons’ has made yet another detour on her way to “reclaim the throne” at Kings Landing. She needs to stay focus!

Sansa is still pouting. She needs to follow Margery’s lead. Margery’s gay husband died. Do you Margery moping around Kings Landing? NO. Margery is planning a wedding to her new King. Sansa, we know your mother and brother died in a tragic way. But, you need to learn how to play the Game Of Thrones. You are losing. Your hand maiden is trying to seduce your husband right under your nose. You need to smack that bitch. Imp or no Imp, that’s your husband.

Jon Snow is back at Castle Black. He told The Nights Watch he killed The Halfhand and was chilling with the Wildlings while screwing one of their women. All is forgiven and he put back on his black fur. Secretly, Sam is jealous because he gots no ass during HIS venture.


Meanwhile, Prince Oberyn has landed at Kings Landing and went straight to the brothel for some whores. Tyrion enters the brothel just in time to welcome Prince Oberyn to Kings Landing. Oberyn responds by saying, “Hello. My name is Prince Oberyn Martell. You killed my sister and her kids. Prepare to die.”  I mean, he didn’t quite say THAT, but something like that. Anyway, Lannisters, y’all in danger! Now, let’s get to the more important part of the episode, Tyrion’s side chick, Shae. Shae, it’s over! You are a whore. Tyrion’s married and trying to make his fragile new wife happy. Tyrion doesn’t have time to frolic around like he used to. Shae, you should have taken those coins Varys offered you and got on that boat and sailed away and found you a new man. A man that doesn’t know your whorish past. Women do that all the time. California is just filled with reformed hoes that get married. Leave Tyrion alone and find another lover.

This episode also featured Arya and The Hound. Arya and The Hound are on their way to their way to Arya’s aunt Lysa. You know, Caetlyn’s crazy sister from season one.


Yup! Her ^^^^. The Hound is going to trade Arya for some money. On their way to crazy Aunt Lysa’s, they stop at a little cabin where they run into the Tickler. The Tickler is one of the names Ms. Arya whispers every night. The Tickler dumb ass, doesn’t recognize little Arya and doesn’t know he is on her list of people to kill.  The Tickler wants to trade chicken for Arya. The Hound isn’t trying to negotiate anything. All he wanted was some chicken and a nice adult beverage to wash that shit down. A big fight ensues and Arya gets her revenge. As for The Hound…….. he gets his chicken.

What did you guys think of the season premiere of Game Of Thrones?

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Breaking Bad Season 5 Trailer

Well, the cancer stricken bald guy is back. With each season Walter White (Bryan Cranston) gets more and more cold. In season 5, good old Walter is still slanging crystal meth. Walt successfully cut out the middle man, Gus Fring,(Giancarlo Esposito), and now he is free to become the King Of  All Meth Dealers. With the help of his sidekick Jesse (Aaron Paul) he can not lose. This show is like a gritty, smarmy superhero show. No?

Is it me or do you wonder if Walter will grow his hair back? Is he still going through chemo? hmmmm.

The new season of breaking bad premiere watch the trailer here

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HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’

HBO’s new series from Aaron Sorkin, “The Newsroom,”  is not a bad show. The pilot was solid. Sure it was a bit chatty. But, so were old movies and old TV dramas in the 40’s and 50’s. You can always tell when writers and directors are true fans of cinema and television. They get that TV and Film is art. Aaron Sorkin gets it. He is constantly challenging you with clever dialogue and storylines. My only complaint is some of the scenes ran a bit long. Cut it down Sorkin. Do you need me to come work for you? Because I will. It would be my pleasure.

The show starts off with Will McAvoy returning from a forced vacation to find out his ex girlfriend was hired to be his new Executive Producer. He is livid. There is lots of yelling and talking. Is this show like the best show on TV? No. But is it a solid show that will engage you? Yes. I enjoyed the stellar acting and writing from beginning to end. I see critics are saying, the show is not for stupid Americans. Yea it is. Not all Americans prefer dumbed down television. Some of us like to be challenged and impressed. Thank you Aaron Sorkin. Thank you for understanding some of us want our brains stimulated at night and not put on ice. Check out Mr. Sorkin’s show here .

Tell me what you think about The Newsroom

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TV Review: Kerry Washington In ‘Scandal’

ABC has heard my pleas to get rid of Private Practice after Greys Anatomy on Thursdays. Private Practice has been moved to Tuesday nights. Yes! In its place is another Shonda Rhimes creation, Scandal. Scandal is a drama/soap opera show starring Kerry Washington. The show is partially based on former aid for George H. W. Bush, Judy Smith. But the shows character, Olivia doesn’t work  for the president in the series. Olivia kind of seems like a Lawyer/PR/Private Investigator.

The shows first episode was pretty engaging. I mean you spend a great deal of time wondering exactly what type of services Olivia and her team provide. They seem like the corporate The A-Team. Can you tell me exactly what type of service Hannibal and Mr. T provided? Probably not. So lets just swallow whatever crap Shondra Rhimes is feeding us, because the presentation looks pretty darn good.

The show starts off with a weird job interview conducted at a bar by Harrison Wright, who works for Olivia. He interviews Quinn Perkins and gives her the job on the spot. Quinn is put straight to work after the interview and is teased about her cleavage. Quinn doesn’t even know what Olivia and her team does, but somehow she is a big fan. The firm  takes the case of a guy who shows up with blood on his shirt and all evidence suggests he is indeed the killer of his fiance. Olivia and her team race against time to prove his innocence. But in between all of that, we find out why Olivia left the white house and her womanizing colleague gets engaged.

Scandal is actually a great show to watch on a Thursday night. It’s just as juicy as Revenge and just as dramatic a Greys Anatomy. Scandal is the type of show that will have you  chatting about it over lunch at work. You can check out episodes of Scandal on .

Leave me a comment on your thoughts about Scandal.

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Live from Daryl’s House Delights!

This little gem is the best kept secret on a Saturday night. Daryl Hall from the group Hall & Oates has a great TV show and webseries called Live From Daryl’s House that’s all about live music. Daryl has up and coming and some well known recording artists come to his house in upstate New York and jam out. What makes this show great is, it’s all about the music. Daryl and his guests jam out and then talk about music  over dinner. It’s all very casual and very perfect. Well don’t take my word for it, check out the link  posted below.

Check your local listing to see when Live From Daryl’s House is playing in your area.

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The Triumphant Return Of Mad Men

After a very  long hiatus, Mad Men returned with a bang. The hiatus gave people who were not acquainted with the critically acclaimed series time to catch up. For a long time I believed season 1 was the best season. And I was hanging on by a very thin thread by the end of season 4. But, last nights episode sucked me right back in. I was pleasantly surprised by the storylines  and witty banter. However, where was Betty Draper? I have to be honest I had not noticed she was missing from the episode until this morning! Oh well… maybe next episode!

Episode 1 of season 5 is centered around each character adjusting to the new changes in their lives  and Don’s new life with his french Canadian wife:

Here is a very brief summary of last nights episode (no real spoilers alert):

The new Mrs. Draper throws Don a great surprise party that has everyone talking at work, but has she and Don at odds.

Peggy has a loving sweet Boyfriend. And she is a little concerned with the new Don.

Pete is making big moves at the agency and feels like his office should reflect that.

Joan had Roger Sterling’s baby and wants to head back to work.

Roger is Roger…. but he isn’t the power house he once was. But he is still a partner.

Lane is still a creepy weirdo cheat with an accent.

Sally is still doing strange shhh…

Can’t wait for the next episode. Hopefully Betty will show up.

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