The Triumphant Return Of Mad Men

After a very  long hiatus, Mad Men returned with a bang. The hiatus gave people who were not acquainted with the critically acclaimed series time to catch up. For a long time I believed season 1 was the best season. And I was hanging on by a very thin thread by the end of season 4. But, last nights episode sucked me right back in. I was pleasantly surprised by the storylines  and witty banter. However, where was Betty Draper? I have to be honest I had not noticed she was missing from the episode until this morning! Oh well… maybe next episode!

Episode 1 of season 5 is centered around each character adjusting to the new changes in their lives  and Don’s new life with his french Canadian wife:

Here is a very brief summary of last nights episode (no real spoilers alert):

The new Mrs. Draper throws Don a great surprise party that has everyone talking at work, but has she and Don at odds.

Peggy has a loving sweet Boyfriend. And she is a little concerned with the new Don.

Pete is making big moves at the agency and feels like his office should reflect that.

Joan had Roger Sterling’s baby and wants to head back to work.

Roger is Roger…. but he isn’t the power house he once was. But he is still a partner.

Lane is still a creepy weirdo cheat with an accent.

Sally is still doing strange shhh…

Can’t wait for the next episode. Hopefully Betty will show up.

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