Basketball Wives LA Reunion Was A Big Snore!

The first half of the reunion show was very boring. Perhaps they need to get rid of the host. John Salley is not a good host for the show. Salley does not ask the right questions. You need a real fan of the show to host. Hopefully the second half is better. Anyways check out what I thought about it below:

I was happy to see the ladies all glammed up. Everyone looked nice. Jackie’s look was my least favorite. I would have liked her to get rid of the neck fur and arm flap.

Here are some things I think the girls should’ve admitted during the show:

Draya please admit you made some mistakes with your kid. You are not convincing me or anyone else that it was fake or a misunderstanding.

Gloria looked great. I would like her to also admit she was tired of Matt cheating and that’s why she left. And what is Jackie trying to say that Vh1 keeps bleeping out. Who did you sleep with????? Who? Was it Gilbert? Shaq? Who? Oh and admit you ain’t fucking no one up on site. Stand down. LOL

Laura admit that you were gossiping as well. It wasn’t just Jackie. Also, you couldn’t wait to get Draya in the ring to whip her ass.

Imani it will do you well to admit you are a gold digger. It’s okay. Most women are. That is why you lied to you former fiance about your kids and age.

Malaysia, I need you to admit that you don’t use your first name La Keesha or La Queesha, because it’s a hoodrat name.

Jackie maybe it is time for you to admit you can be a weeeeee bit crazy. Just a bit. And “Stand down” is not a quotable phrase. Let it go.

Check out the reunion here

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