Basketball Wives LA Season Finale

It’s the return of Kimsha! Jackie has been alienated from all the other girls and being the desperate weirdo she is, she calls over Kimsha to fill her in on the crazy crap that’s been going on. Kimsha could care less.

Laura announces she is moving to Orlando to be closer to her kids father. Good for her. Bye!

Gloria and Matt break up. They have this weird staged packing scene full of cynicism. Matt does this thing that all guys do when it’s too late. Beg. But since he was on national TV, his begging was kind of subdued. It was clear Gloria was tired of living a lie and wants to be with a man who is crazy about her. I don’t blame her.

Malaysia is tweaking her jewelry line. Okay…

Jackie has a photo shoot for her ‘Old Lady Chic’ clothing line. Her husband Doug was there to help out. During the photo shoot Doug tells one of the girls to swing her hair. Jackie gets this crazed forced smile on her face and tells him he is getting too personal with the model. The old lady is crazy!

Imani has the wrong weave texture.

Draya says she is working on her family coming to live with her in LA. Yeah right!

The episode ends with them having a “sit down” They all come to dinner wearing black. Jackie is the last to show. She tells them she will not speak until she has her drink. Okay old lady! The meeting begins with Jackie saying something wack. They all start rolling their eyes, They start to accuse Jackie of being the reason for all the drama. I do not believe that. I think Laura had a hand in it as well. And who didn’t talk shit about Draya?? Jackie fake dials someone. This didn’t help her case at all. And did anyone catch what Jackie was saying about Gloria and Laura sleeping with someone? What was THAT about? Maybe it will come out during the reunion. The show ends with everyone leaving Jackie at the table. Nothing is resolved. Just a bunch of mess.

Can’t wait for the reunion! šŸ™‚

Watch episodes of Basketball Wives LA here


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