All Is Not Fair In Love And Hip Hop Season 2 Ep 1

I don’t get women who date rappers. I couldn’t date a rapper on their lyrical content alone. If you listen to most rappers lyrics they all seem to be womanizers. A lot of them have daddy issues and lack a real sense of what a loving relationship should be like. How many are married anyway?

Before I watch Love And Hip Hop I have to prepare myself to not be too judgmental. It’s very hard. Which brings me here.  Let’s get started shall we:

The show starts off with Chrissy and Jim Jones at the jewelry store replacing the ring Chrissy gave Jim…. when SHE proposed. Apparently he lost the ring. Wow! Really? Jim,  you lost your ring? Chrissy, don’t you believe it! I don’t believe he lost his ring. I believe he threw the shit somewhere while trying to score some grade A groupie vagina. Well luckily they had insurance on the ring.  Right? Whatever!  Chrissy is still waiting on Jim to propose. It’s pretty pathetic. But, she gets lovely “pain killers” as stalling gifts. Chrissy calls the earrings Jim buys for her pain killers. Apparently they ease the pain of Jim not proposing. Whatever gets you through the day Chrissy. I have to say Jim Jones is looking good these days. I used to say Jim Jones looks like he smells like Colt 45 and weed. But now he looks like he smells like corn chips…. and weed. Vast improvement.

While these two were out expressing their ghetto love, Mama Jones was in the studio cutting a diss record aimed at Chrissy. Jim’s  mom sounds like she’s been smoking cigarettes since she stepped out the womb. She sounds like a 1940’s mobster.

Emily has decided to have a bang this season. Bad decision. However, her decision to leave her rapper boyfriend is very good. Emily, some bangs are too long and shouldn’t attack your eyes. You look like Kat Stacks in 5 years.

Olivia is still holding on to the idea she will have a successful music career.

Somaya has the same idea. Somaya…… get rid of the hobbit manager and think of other ways to make money. Well, at least she got her teeth fixed. Somaya probably went to that same dentist that Malaysia from Basketball Wives LA goes to.

There were two new girls introduced. Self proclaimed model Kimbella and Jim Jones former manager Yandy. Kimbella is the mother of  Juelz Santana’s child. After careful consideration  a quick chat with Yandy. Kimbella decides to tell Emily at her independence party that she “dated” Fab …….while Emily was pregnant. Emily retorts with a low blow, “You look like the type.” Then she back peddles when Kimbella asks her what she meant. Chrissy is watching the whole exchange and she gets heated when they seem too cordial for her taste. Kimbella and Chrissy start to argue. Chrissy then sucker punches Kimbella. Self proclaimed model down! Weave and booty everywhere!

This is what I learned from this episode:

Chrissy wears a weave.

Kimbella “still looks pretty” after a fight

Yandy looks like a man when giving toasts

Emily’s bangs really bother me

Olivia may have missed her music window.

Somaya may never have a hit song

What did you learn?

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