Community…. Yea Not My Thing… Kind Of

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to get into the show Community. I can’t see the difference between Community and Happy Endings. Same type of humor. You  know….the silly weed smoker humor. The kind of humor that doesn’t require you to think… at all. Which is good for weed smokers and for people who just want to sit and watch TV and not think. I get it.  I really can’t watch either show. Well that’s a lie. I can watch. But I never laugh. Cool storylines. I am just not into really obvious kooky humor. I do however see the appeal in both shows. The Big Bang Theory is on at the same time as Community. Do yourself a favor and watch The Big Bang Theory.  I love this show. I have to admit I just started watching and I am mad I never gave this show a chance before. The writing is always fun and clever. The creator, Chuck Lorre is an amazing writer. I am a big fan. I am hoping I get to sit next to him at an award show one day. Picture it:  He and I are in best comedy category. My show wins and I look surprised. I turn to my husband/boyfriend and he mouths, “You did it!” I turn to Chuck Lorre and he nods my way. I smile graciously and glide my way up those stairs to collect my Emmy. I make a few jokes on how my son/daughter should be in bed. I start thanking my agent and manager. Oh… after I thank God. Then I turn to my husband/boyfriend and say something like, ” Thank you baby for being my rock and putting up with my long hours, blah blah blah, I love you…” And then the music starts to let me know to wrap it up. That’s when I give my  quotable part of my speech. The music makes it more dramatic. I belt out, “Everyone out there hold on to your dreams, and always take the street Fountain and always avoid Wilshire.” And Scene….

Back to Community. Community has a solid cast of actors. Donald Glover has just released a rap single and I love it. Don’t sleep on Donald Glover. He is a dope MC  and you can check out his music here.

You can check out episodes of Community and judge for yourself. A lot of my friends love the show. Click here for eps of Community


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