Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 4 Ep 1

The Wait is over! Real Housewives of Atlanta has returned and NeNe and Sheree wasted no time getting into it. For the most part the episode was quite boring.

Kim’s relationship with her new boyfriend is really sweet. I am very happy for her. I see Sweetie has some new hair and I like it. I also see she is still shucking and jiving for Kim. Oh well.

Kandi has started a sex toy shop. Because there aren’t enough of those….

Cynthia is starting a modeling agency. Miss J from America’s Next Top Model shows up to give her model hopefuls a little runway lesson.

Phaedra  wants to open up a funeral home after burying her aunt. She puts on another over the top affair.

NeNe is still obnoxious. On this episode she buys her son, who is sporting a satellite dish for an earring …a brand new car. She paid for it in Cash! She made sure she said that she paid it in cash. You know how tacky NeNe can be. NeNe is like school on a Sunday…. no class.

Which brings me to the awful fight NeNe between and Sheree. Sheree is mad at NeNe because NeNe allegedly cheated her out of some appearance money. I don’t think NeNe needs to take Sheree appearance money. NeNe has most definitely been one of the more successful Housewives. Sheree on the other hand…not so much. If these two were ever really friends they have a hard way of showing it. Sheree was too quick to believe the worst. She believed NeNe was guilty before she asked her. Sheree was to quick to insult NeNe with very low blows. She didn’t need to talk about NeNe’s rotten teeth. NeNe should never flaunt her money like that. Friends should never argue like that. It was ugly. BUT it made good TV.

What did you think about the first Episode of season 4?

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