Basketball Wives LA Season 1 Episode 10

It’s really hard to watch Basketball Wives LA and not pick it apart. I really don’t want to say anything negative about the ladies….. sometimes I can’t help it. I, like many other people was a little disappointed in the ladies that were chosen for Basketball Wives LA. I guess we were a little spoiled by the Miami women. I live in Los Angeles and most women in Los Angeles are very beautiful, fashionistas and health conscious. Just take a look at Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. Those ladies would run circles around the Basketball Wives LA women. The ladies of Beverly Hills is what people think about when they think Los Angeles. While I was watching tonight’s episode and reading my twitter timeline, I started to think differently about the women of LA. Perhaps they are a real depiction of what a woman who dates a basketball player looks like and act like. My brother tweeted this : “One thing about that Basketball Wives show: it destroys the myth that playing in the NBA guarantees you a hot wife.#imjustsaying”  Now I love my brother and I usually agree with his tweets but I do not agree with him. Sure  some are older and a little homely. And Jackie ….  your fashion is Old Lady Chic (sheek). A couple of the ladies have baby weight to lose and that’s okay. But these are real women, with real issues. Jackie is older and she looks older. Perhaps she was hot in her day. I dunno. But lets say she was for argument sake. It’s damn hard being a woman and getting older. Our bodies go through so many changes and sometimes it gets hard to maintain those svelte figures we once had. Especially after having babies. Malaysia, Jackie and Laura get a pass for this season. We are going to let them slide and refrain from talking about their looks. Oh…. Malaysia’s teeth. You know I wanted vaneers and now I don’t. Malaysia probably went to Hillary Duff’s Orthodontist. HE needs his license taken away. Thank You! My point is to cut the LA women some slack. I am sure next season they will have all gotten it together. 😉

On tonight’s episode the ladies take it to Hawaii for a “vacation.” You ever notice on these  reality shows they wait to go on vacation to discuss brewing problems. Jackie is the instigator as usual. Can’t keep Laura name out of her mouth. Jackie clearly has issues. Why can’t she keep her mouth shut? She had issues with Laura and wanted everyone to have issues with Laura. Classic high school move. While watching the show I kind of got the feeling she liked the drama. Like she was enjoying the tension. It was kind of sick. I like that Malaysia has stayed clear of any drama since popping Laura in the face in the first or was that the second episode?

Well Jackie’s evil plan back fired. Laura and Imani realize Jakie is the root of all the gossip. Draya is trying to stay clear of everything. Draya is okay with Laura not liking her and she just wants to enjoy Hawaii. Oh no, not with Jackie there to bring up drama every damn time they sit down. What a messy episode. What did you think? Watch special clips and episodes of Basketball Wives LA here.

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