Desperate Housewives Season 8 Episode 6

Like many of you, I hate that Desperate Housewives is ending. I’ve been a fan since the first episode. I love the characters. The writers on the show truly know about character development. Sure the storylines may have gotten a bit weak, but you are still invested in the characters. Good job!

Tonight’s episode was actually really good. Seeing Lynette deal with Tom dating breaks my heart. BUT, who didn’t see divorce coming. The writers did a good job leading up to the couple’s separation. Lynette was a bit of a bitch to Tom. She was manipulative, controlling, condescending, combative… you name it. Everything a man hates in a woman. Lynette and  Tom’s new girlfriend had a bonding moment that lead to Lynette asking her to back off of Tom. Well Tom’s new lady friend had no problem letting Lynette know that Tom was tired of arguing and just wanted peace. Not in those words, but you get what I am saying. Which reminds me of a past relationship. I was once in a relationship in where I spent a lot of the time yelling. He didn’t get me, I didn’t get him. We basically should not have been together. Nice guy. But we were not compatible at all. Yes, we loved each other very much. But sometimes love just isn’t enough. I do wish Tom and Lynette would get back together. I truly loved them in the past.

Carlos is still dealing with the guilt of killing the old guy. Gabby feels like he has a drinking problem and tells him to go to AA.

Susan shows her art teacher how to be a father to his son. Errrr where is her husband Mike???  We hardly see her son M.J.

Bree is trying to stop construction where they buried the old guy Carlos killed.

Okay, here is where I have a problem with the writers. I hate the storyline they gave Renee. BORING! It’s Vanessa Williams damn it. I hate the wardrobe they give her. I hated her hair last season, not so much this season. They are doing poor Vanessa wrong. I love this woman. She is the epitome of a strong woman. She was the first black Miss America. Okay, I know they took the crown away. But she won it!!! Vanessa came back with the chart topping The Right Stuff. Followed by another string of hits, including my all time favorite Save The Best For Last. She was the shiznit on Ugly Betty. They kept my girl fierce on Ugly Betty. Hair fierce! Clothes to die for! Then she gets on Desperate Housewives and they dress her in clothes from like …..Dress Barn. Not that there is anything wrong with Dress Barn. It’s just not for my girl Vanessa Williams! Okay! I will give the writers and producers some credit for hooking her up with the hunky Aussie love interest. But that’s about it. If any writers or producers are reading this, after Desperate Housewives ends… can you give her fabulous new show. A show they will show off her awesome talents. Thank You!

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