Must See TV Shows….. I Have Not Seen.

I can admit I am a TV junkie. I used to be horrible and now I am not as horrible. It was a time I didn’t leave the house and scheduled everything around my favorite TV shows. If that meant staying in on a friday night or rescheduling a date… then so be it. Now I have grown and we have TiVo and the internet.

For a light weight junkie like myself it has become extremely hard to keep up with all the great shows out there. I hate when I see facebook status that says, *——- is the best show on television.” If it’s a show I have never seen before I …… I panic. Why am I not watching this show? If it is truly the best show on television, then I should know about it. For example; Mad Men. When Mad Men first hit the small screen I would hear the occasional praise about the show. Nothing too serious. But when it started winning Emmys, I started to get nervous. How did I miss this show? Why am I not watching it. Being the pretentious TV snob that I am, I rented the first season. Sure it started off slow for me. And I found it quite boring. But the snob in me kept watching. I forced myself to love it. And now I love it. The same happened with Glee. I love both shows now. Why? Well mainly because I grew tired of getting left out of conversations involving the shows while in social settings. It sucked.

So here are the shows I keep hearing about that I need to watch. Once I have seen the show I will give you my two cents and let you know if it’s made it into my TV rotation.

1) The Good Wife 

2) Revenge 

3) Dexter 

4) Community

If you know of any other shows I should watch, please leave me a comment. I will watch the show and then post a review.

See ya!

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