Modern Family Season 3 Episode 6

Who doesn’t love Modern Family? It’s such a great family show. Last nights episode was pretty funny. Claire has the night off from being a mother and a wife. Phil took Hayley on a tour of his old college and Luke was at a sleep over. This leaves Claire with the night off and she wants to have fun. She looks to Cam and Mitchell to show her a good time. But when they take her to a family restaurant, she rags on them for not taking her somewhere where there is wine and second-hand smoke. They oblige and take her out to an event and that’s where the shenanigans begin.

It kind of reminded me of the time when my friend from Philadelphia came to visit me. She has a daughter and has been living with her boyfriend for a few years now. Well when she came to visit me and I thought she and I would have a good time enjoying each others company. Ooooh… noooo. She wanted the Los Angeles night life. We had to hit the clubs.  She wanted to dance and drink. Well I stopped clubbing a few years ago after a stint of going out every friday night with 3 chicks named Jennifer. Wild times! If I told you the things I’ve seen…… I would probably get sued.

Anyway, I have since outgrown the club scene. I now have a boyfriend and he and I have adapted a very sophisticated lifestyle which doesn’t include clubs! But my friend clearly wanted the club. I took her to jazz clubs, lounges, hiking and the beach. But she kept hinting around that she wanted to “go out”. I said, “What do you mean, we are out.” She wouldn’t say, the club. But I knew what she yearned for. So I made arrangements for us to go to a MTV Music Awards after party. As soon as we get into the club she came alive. She danced, she flirted and had a few drinks. She even dirty danced with some creepy old guy. She was happy. Is this what I have to look forward to when I get married? I would like to think I am all clubbed out. But we will see…

Check out the full episode here

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