Love & Hip Hop Returns Season 2 (Trailer)

Vh1 released the supertrailer for Love & Hip Hop this evening and I am super excited. I used to be ashamed to love trashy reality shows. Now I have embraced my love for drama and trash on the small screen. The trailer shows Chrissy  punching out a self proclaimed model named Kimbella. It’s funny how anyone can be a model these days. All you need is someone to take some semi professional photos and BAMB! Your a model. Somaya is still with her pudgy hobbit manager. From the looks of the trailer it seems like there is trouble brewing with those two. Emily has finally moved on from chipped tooth Fabulous and is now down with Ray J and “The Money Team.” Ha, just kidding! Olivia is still trying to ….. I have no idea what Olivia is trying to do. Is she signed to a label? Well it looks like she is going through the same thing she was going through last season. Trying to put out music. Chrissy and Jim Jones are still not married and I am not surprised. It is very important to him that his mother accepts Chrissy. I don’t think these two will get married. It just doesn’t seem likely. You know things are bad when your fiance’s mother puts out a diss record about you. They threw Jim Jones Manager in the show, Yandy Smith. She and Chrissy exchange some words and now Jim Jones has to take up for his woman….. again. Maybe it is you Chrissy… your the reason why you are not married.

Will you be watching? I know I will. This trailer looks amazing!!

Check out the trailer here

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