Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 4

Gossip Girl is one of my guilty pleasure shows. Mondays are not the same without it! This show reminds me of the old 90210. It’s deliciously packed with sex, lies and fashion. I can’t wait to see what Blake Lively, (Serena) is wearing. She has the best wardrobe on the show. It’s insane!!! I love everything she wears. You would think Blair would have the amazing clothes. Isn’t her mother a fashion designer??

In this episode Dan’s book comes out and everyone is buzzing. The book is loosely based on all Dan’s friends and they all hate what is written about them. Dan’s hair this season looks like a poodle.

Who’s baby is Blair carrying? I wonder. She says it’s the prince, but wouldn’t you?  I think it’s Chuck’s. I am taking bets on how that baby will never see the light of day. Something terrible will happen and Blair will not have the baby. Watch! Any other theories??

Side Bar: I hate Blair and Dan together! Please make it stop! And where is Serena’s gay brother? Did I miss something? I never thought I would EVER say this, but I miss Jenny! I kind of wish she was back to cause a little trouble. I saw Taylor Momsen and her band at this little plaza on Sunset… like a few weeks ago. I was a tad bit hype. LOL. Okay, maybe I was all the way hype. I was kind of geeked. In a previous post I expressed I was happy to see her leave the show. I was wrong. There I said it. But I am very happy that drab Vanessa is no where to be found. Let’s keep it that way.

I laugh at Serena’s fake cousin. The storyline is so laughable. How does Lily not know??

This season is still a little dull. I will always watch because I am invested in all the characters. But I really wish they would step it up. I am not going to give any spoilers. I prefer that you watch the episode and then we discuss. Leave a comment. Check out episodes of Gossip Girl here.

Update: I found Serena’s brother (Connor Paola)! He is on the show Revenge.

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2 thoughts on “Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 4

  1. This will always be a favorite show of mine even though I have fallen off on watching. I also had Blair and Dan together its just wrong!

  2. This article is a positively personal property one. Say thank you for stakeing such great information out. Ill deff be cruising by more frequently so i an take in whats new!

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