Bachelor Pad

What else is there to watch on a Monday Night?? I try to avoid this show. I really do. But then people are tweeting about it and then I will see someones status on Facebook…and I gotta watch. When you watch Bachelor Pad  you have to prepare yourself for insecure women and douche bag men. The women are almost always in bikinis. Which is not bad at all. Just thought I would warn ya! Everyone has perfect white teeth and a perfect tan.

In this episode their challenge was to hit someones back with an egg filled with paint to let them know how ugly they are. Erica got the most hits…causing her to cry and point out other girls who she thinks are way more unattractive than she is. I honestly don’t think Erica is bad looking. I think she looks better than Vienna’s blabbering ass. Vienna is like the queen of blabber. No wonder Jake yelled at you on TV. You cant shut up.

Melissa and Blake had “an amazing romantic night” where they shared a kiss. Blake lets us know he only kissed Melissa to get a rose. We later see him chilling with Holly talking shit about Melissa while she searched for him. Melissa finds Blake with the other honey, Holly and lays beside them and forces Holly to dip out. Blake calls Melissa crazy because she sees that he is playing her. Blake obviously doesn’t get that Melissa feelings are hurt and would probably like it of she wasn’t so “emotional”. Douche bag!

Jake begs Vienna for forgiveness. Kasey and Vienna tell Jake he sucks and they want him to leave. Jake walks away defeated.  Kasey and Vienna make out thinking Jake is going home. Just like Macbeth. Vienna is Lady Macbeth and stupid Kasey is Macbeth.

Gia gets upset and leaves the house because she doesn’t get that people are trying to win the damn game. She whines in the car about people being sneaky. Really?? Do you not watch these reality shows? Maybe you should.

Chris tells everyone all the men are safe and there will be two girls going home. Vienna screams bloody murder!! Jake is safe. Lady Macbeth is disappointed.

It’s Jackie turn to leave. Now you know in reality tv everyone has to make a dramatic exit. Ames chases after the limo and jumps in with Jakie because he is clearly in love. Whatever dude…

And that’s my two cents..

What did you think?  Haven’t seen it? Click here

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