Basketball Wives Reunion Show

I can no longer call Basketball Wives my guilty pleasure. I really don’t feel guilty at all anymore. Yes, I watch the show. Do I cringe while watching…. sure I do. But, I am there every week anticipating the antics of the ladies.

I really would like to know why John Salley is hosting the reunion show. Why? Because he is a retired Basketball player? So What. I really don’t feel that he asks the right questions. He should take note from Andy Cohen on Bravo. Andy knows how to engage the viewer and make the viewer feel like you are right there, instead of sitting at home watching on your television. I hope they get someone else next season.

Lets talk about the girls! Tami!!! Oh Tami! The wig. Now, I myself have had some bad weaves, wigs, etc. But, I would NEVER be on TV with bad hair. I just wouldn’t. Where are Tami real friends? Someone should have kindly gave her a “No maam”. While I was watching the show I noticed the way Tami would sit in her chair. Tami!!! Sit up, back straight.  Oh Gosh! Very painful to watch. I think Tami is gorgeous. I always have. I used to watch her on The Real World and thought she was dope. I don’t know what happened to her. Life I guess. I wish Tami would calm down a bit. She confronts people waay too much. Let some crap go. Damn! Okay let us get to Royce and Suzi. Royce, I think you are adorable. But maybe it’s time for you to go ahead and move on from the show. You really don’t have a purpose. Suzi and you should bow out gracefully. I really don’t understand why Suzi came on the show. I honestly didn’t think Suzi would return this season. But there she was…. being annoying with her big head. Suzi was very happy to be back in the “circle”. What happened to your TV Host career? Focus on that.

Meeka! Oh Meeka! Please remove yourself from the show as well. They all hate you. Also, Evelyn is right. You were trying to be down way too hard and you were rocking season one earrings. I felt bad when they showed your earring lady. She was not camera ready. Poor thing. You were way too hype the first episode. You couldn’t wait to be in “the circle”. It didn’t happen because you just couldn’t keep your mouth closed. Learn to observe with your mouth closed. Move in silence.

Jennifer….poor Jen. What a bad season for you too. Your ex husband throws a drink in your face on national television. How did it get to that point? He is clearly a jerk and I can totally see  why you want to divorce him. I am mad they gave this fool his own segment on the finale. Eric sits with his friend and basically shows everyone how bitter he is. He tells his friend he wants his last name back. Eric please shut up. Let Jennifer have her time to shine without you. End of story.

Oh and Jennifer …….NO ONE believed you and the Al Reynolds clone were ever going to be an item. And you know why!!!! Having Al Reynolds hook you up with a man is like going to Whole Foods looking for a big mac.

Best quote from the show: “Tami Hoodrat Roman”

Good for you Meeka!

And that’s my two cents

What were your favorite moments? Haven’t seen the show? Click here


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