‘Romantically Challenged’

Well the good news is…it didn’t suck! The bad news is… it wasn’t that great. I didn’t know what to expect from Romantically Challenged. I sat down with my cup of tea and hoped for the best. I like Alyssa Milano and I want nothing but the best for her. Was last night the best?  Meh…No! Alyssa plays a recently divorced single parent, named Rebecca. Rebecca is encouraged by her friends and sister to start dating again. Kyle Bornheimer plays Perry, Rebecca’s best friend since childhood. Perry Gill is described as a hopeless romantic on ABC’s website. I disagree. I see him as the average guy……. that’s it. Perry wants to find love like most men in the world. That doesnt make him a hopeless romantic….. it just makes him human. I actually enjoyed Perry and his roommate much more than I enjoyed any scene with Alyssa Milano.  Perry’s roommate Shawn, played by Josh Lawson is Chandler and Joey from Friends all wrapped up into one person. Shawn is a struggling writer who has no sexual boundaries. Which brings me to Kelly Stables, who plays Lisa Thomas, Rebecca’s slutacious little sister.  Hollywood has this thing where they think tiny little blondes with annoying voices are funny. It’s not. Please stop. Blonde women don’t have to act slutty or ditzy to get a laugh. That joke is old. See Modern Family.

This is where I post a link  and tell you to check out the show. I honestly don’t think it’s worth it but… click here

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