‘Death At A Funeral’ (Spoilers… sort of)

I saw Death At A Funeral over the weekend. I have to admit I was a little excited and very apprehensive. As a movie goer your biggest fear is going to see a comedy and realize all the funny bits are in the trailer. Well, this was not the case. Death At A Funeral had just two more funny bits than the trailer.

The film revolves around a funeral for Aaron (Chris Rock) and Ryan’s (Martin Lawrence) father. They find out from a dwarf ,that their father was bi-sexual and the dwarf was their fathers lover. The Dwarf ( Peter Dinklage) threatens to tell their mother Cynthia (Loretta Divine) about their on the down low father. Ryan and Aaron go to great lengths to see that this never happens.

I love Chris Rock the comedian. I don’t love Chris Rock the actor. Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock were not the funniest in this movie and if you are going to see this movie with that mind frame you will be extremely disappointed. Cousin Jeff (Columbus Short) got a few chuckles out of me as well as Kevin Hart. Oscar (James Marsden) was really the comic relief. He was excellent as the drugged up boyfriend of Elaine (Zoe Saldana). I kind of forgot Marsden plays Cyclops in the Xmen trilogies.

Death At A Funeral was kind of funny. Well, it had funny parts. There were people in the movie theater that clapped at the end. I didn’t think it was worth all that……but to each his own. Would I recommend this movie … sure. I mean I hear the original is better. Maybe, check out both?

I don’t give stars… I just give my two cents.

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2 thoughts on “‘Death At A Funeral’ (Spoilers… sort of)

  1. Jamal

    didn’t you even see the all-white, british version first…douche!

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