Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business

I love Brandy. I love her music and her voice. Did I need to see a reality show with Brandy and her brother? Nope! I liked that I didn’t know a lot about Brandy. I know waaay too much about Ray J. Last nights episode showed the behind the scenes of  For The Love Of Ray J. Is it me or does Ray J give off the essence of a pimp. I watched him grab Cocktail’s face and neck and tell her to basically apologize  and they should go back to the way they were before. Which I guess was just screwing around? I don’t know…

Brandy was upset at Flo Rida *rolls eyes* because he changed his mind about them going to the Grammy’s together. Brandy, you are better than that. It’s Flor Rida!!!!! Like…… REALLY??? It’s Flo Rida. Brandy, you are beautiful and talented and can get any man you want. Forget about a damn Flo Rida. :-/

To watch clips and episodes of  A Family Business click here

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One thought on “Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business

  1. The show’s all about Sony Son! That’s the one we want to see!

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