The Return Of Glee

I remember watching the pilot a couple of years ago and hating Glee. I thought it was corny and cheesy. Last night I decided to give it another chance…..only because geeks made it a trending topic on twitter. I kept thinking, “I’m sort of geeky why am I not on board the Glee train?”

The first 10 minutes were funny and entertaining. I found myself smiling and really enjoying the musical numbers. Jane Lynch is hilarious as Sue Sylvester, the evil cheerleading coach. Sue is on a mission to take down the glee club by any means necessary. Her scenes are the best and quite frankly, will be the only reason I keep watching Glee. There is no need to mention the other people on the show….. 🙂

Watch full episodes of Glee here

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4 thoughts on “The Return Of Glee

  1. Jon

    the pilot only came out last year douche

  2. I should have said a couple of years ago. I saw the pilot before it aired. But thanks for the correction and stopping by. 🙂

  3. Joe

    Such a douche, you think she would know what she was talking about.

  4. Shut up Joe!

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