New Sex And The City 2 (Longer Trailer)

I remember when I watched my first Sex And The City episode. I was living in New York and I had this roommate  who would go on date after date after date. After a few of the dates she would retire to her bedroom and I would hear her crying softly in her pillow. She was always disappointed if the dates didn’t work out. I thought she was crazy. Here I was having the time of my life dating in New York and she thought it was torture. I always tell women,”Being single in New York was the best time of my life.”

Back to Sex And The City:

When I lived in New York, I had quite the social life, so I never really had time to watch TV. But, like many other people, Sunday was my day of rest. One Sunday I emerged from my bedroom to find my roommate and a few of her single friends watching Sex And The City. I instantly got sucked in. The dialogue was the same dialogue I’ve  had with my best friends. The openness and the supportive nature of these women were amazing. I would watch Sex And The City and wish all women could have the same type of relationships as Carrie and her pals. Sex And The City showed the bond of four women with great careers and great sex lives. I remember one of my friends saying SHE was Samantha. Till this day I chuckle. She is NO Samantha. Of course everyone wants to be Carrie. No one is Carrie. NO ONE! I don’t know anyone who takes fashion risks. Sure you may have designer shoes … but YOU will never be Carrie. NEVER!

I can’t wait to see Sex And The City 2. The new trailer gives me goosebumps. OMG! Aidan!!! Poor jilted Aidan is BACK. *SQUEALS*

Check the New AWESOME trailer here

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