Basketball Wives Trailer

Vh1 has another show that makes women look stupid and needy. I am not sure what Basketball Wives is about. Only one of them is actually married to a NBA player and the rest are either divorced, ex- girlfriends,or engaged. Shaunie O’Neal thought it would be a good idea for people to see the kind of women basketball players date……or have sex with. If you live in a city that hosts an NBA basketball team, chances are you know someone, or you know someone who knows someone that has had some type of relationship with a NBA player. I am not sure how interesting their lives will be to viewers but, I am anxious to see Dwight Howard’s Ex, Royce Reed. Royce Reed seems like she is the “fun” one out of the bunch. She is best known for doing some raunchy dance moves at a pool party during Super Bowl weekend. I don’t know any of the ladies and I am sure they are all very nice. However, there are times in the trailer when a couple of the women throw their drinks in another womans face. How very night time drama of you ladies!! I kind of want to go to dinner and throw a drink in a sassy talking womans face.

Check out the trailer here

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5 thoughts on “Basketball Wives Trailer

  1. Mary

    Romans 6:22

    But now since you have been set free from sin and have become the slaves of God, you have your present reward in holiness and its end is eternal life.

  2. pink

    Suzy-2face ish starter…Tammy-ghetto,hood as eva…can barely walk straight without looking like she want to fight…Evelyn-the girl whos the prettiest but meangirl at the same time…i love Royce’she is herself and they dont like her cause she not kissing ass…Jennifer isnt a blonde but is an airhead…all she knows about are earrings and lipgloss….Meeka-trying to hard to get in where she fit in….Shaunie….FAKEEEEEEEEEE!LMAO

  3. grandma

    these women have no class. their language is terrible. all they do is drink and curse. they have no respect. royce is the only real one. they all talk about each other. they are a disgrace to black women.. they are really getto.

  4. Audra Ferguson

    It is very embarrassing to see a bunch of monkey ass black women follow behind a studpid hoe ass spic!!! You have Tomming ass Tammy who kisses Evelyn ass everytime she get’s a chance.” Oh she only fucked my man but we good”. “I love Evelyn” stupid bitch!!! Why you got that bitch titty in your mouth? Then you want to come at Meeka hard on some petty bullshit. Is it because she’s dark complected you acting like a house nigga??? You should have been whoopping Evelyn ass with the same viciousness your coming at Meeka with when Evelyn had your ex-husband’s dick in her mouth! Then let’s talk about that damn Shaunie. It’s a damn shame how she has exploited these monkeys. You guys keeping talking about a circle??? Who wants to run around with a bunch of whoes who have to suck a dick in-order to be “The Circle”??? None of you’ll bitches are classy…Then you have silly Suzie with her twisted mouth and none talking ass who does nothing but kisses the other monekey”s asses in-order to be a part of “The CIrclee”…. I did’nt forget about stupid Jennifer!!! You looked like a damn fool when Eric threw that drink in your Now Royce I love how you keep it real Florida style. Your the realiest and the classiest one on the damn show.
    Meeka, I just hate you don’t stand up for yourself more. You owe Tammy a ass whooping!!!

  5. Beemee

    I agree with the comments above, one thing i have to say about Meeka is girlfriend you snatched a piece of that trick weave out of her head or shall i say off her head. I like you girl. You do talk your noise and ain’t nothing wrong with that, i’m mad because of the way that they treat you. They all giggling like a bunch of 3rd graders because of what Tammy said. You know why they are giggling cause they don’t want Tammy to go dead in their mouth. I didn’t see anything wrong that you did, they were countingf you out before you were in picking at somebody like they really got it going on. Shaunie is a big instigator. If you notice when she finds out about a piece of gossip she always say i think you should talk to them about it. Then the ladies gets into an argument hating each and then she say I really didn’t expect for it to go like that and then she comes off as trying to mend the friendship. If you ever watch her she never talks foul, or get in a fight she looks like the evil witch sending her imps do her something she ain’t bold enough to stand up and say. She needs to change that hair cause it ain’t happening. Evelyn your mouth trembles too much for me. You try to come off as bad but you are nervous as H_ _ _ _. You talk a lot of notice but i bet you didn’t come to Tammy like that, see you talk that noise but don’t be fooled by the cool attitudes, cause Meeka would put something on you that the circle can’t get off you. Ocho whatever the heck his name is told you that he’s going to be with other women in so many words and all you did was stuck your lips out. You ain’t going nowhere because all you’re after is the $$$. You ain’t pretty and you ain’t funny. Yeah you called security you old drunk behind because that lady would have got with you. what gives you the right to talk you old broke tongue twisted soul sista wanna be. Jennifer listen to me, stop letting these girls ruin you. You only do things cause they do it. You are in the middle of a divorce and you let them push you out there to committ adultery. Now you are no better than Eric. You should have waited until this was over and then start your new life. You are so out of place with them, you don’t even fit in. That’s not you boo boo, get out the circle. Susan you scary 2 faced uncoordinated, puffy cheekbone witch. You did Meeka wrong. I wish they would put you in the ring with Meeka with your scary behind. She should have mopped the floor with you because you didn’t have to tell them anything. Tammy you didn’t win the fight because Meeka was blind sided but i bet she gave you a run for your money and one other thing Ms. Tammy Meeka don’t look like a drag queen. You look more like a stallion than she does. Royce you’re cool. Girl you’re little but you got that thing under control you’ll whip all of them and won’t think nothing of it. I bet Eveyln won’t throw that drink in Tammy face. And Tammy you only like Evelyn because you wanna stay in the circle. But they was talking about your weave too. I never seen such dirty mouths. Our black sisters what’s wrong. Our young girls need some examples on what not to do or be and y’all are setting them. Shaunie I fault you because you created these monsters. You throw a rock and then hide with your thick neck.

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