The Mediocre Return Of The Clash Of The Titans

Like many other Americans, I saw The Clash Of The Titans this weekend. I went in there with really low expectations. I just couldn’t fathom this remake being better than the first. Sure the original had crappy special effects and crappy dialogue, but it was special and dear to my heart.

The writers Travis Beachman, Phil Hay, and Matt Manfredi decided to make some noticeable changes to the original script. The movie is more  about the struggle between Man and the Gods. There was also much more action and semi clever dialogue. I couldn’t really get used to the shorter and grumpier new Perseus played by Sam Worthington. He kind of scowled  a lot.  Liam Nesson was awesome as the powerful Zeus. I thought he was an excellent choice. Ralph Finnes, who played Hades, had this weird thing going on with his voice. Why do villians use a whisper type of voice to suggest that are indeed evil? I don’t know.

I am not going to give away the movie, but if you go in thinking it will have  the same storyline as the original, then like me you will be disappointed. I was not blown away but, I liked The Clash Of The Titans. However, the computer- generated Medusa was a complete FAIL. Medusa is supposed be hideous and scary. This Medusa just had some snakes coming out of her head. Wack. I say go see it, but no need to see it in 3D (it will be just fine on the regular big screen).

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One thought on “The Mediocre Return Of The Clash Of The Titans

  1. kaci

    ok..i have to get a baby sitter!! i gotta see this flicK!!

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