LOST??? Well, So am I……

I can’t figure out what’s going on!!! I would think with six episodes left I would be closer to some sort of answer as to what the hell is going on. I mean they can give me simple stuff like: What in the world is Fake- Locke? Is he the devil? Is he good? I mean come on. I have a suggestion … how about strapping down his man boobs. It’s a distraction!

How long are Jin and Sun going to be separated?  You teased us last night with Fake-Locke offering to take Sun to Jin. But, we all know how that worked out (no spoilers here…sort of).What’s with the package????

I get it… you like that we are in the dark and every Tuesday night we tune in hopes for answers, only to be left with more questions. I hate you Lost writers. I really hate you.

I just wish I knew more…… 😦

How do you guys feel? Are you as annoyed as I am?? Post your thoughts.

Check out episodes of LOST here

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