Erykah Badu~ Window Seat (Video)

Am I the only one who recognizes that this song is actually really awesome. It’s a classic Erykah Badu song. It makes me want to sit back and drink a glass of red wine, or blast this while I am cleaning my apartment on a Saturday morning. Remember how epic Baduizm was. You couldn’t go to anyones house and not hear Erykah’s Tyrone purring through the speakers. Her music has always put me in a mellow state of mind……just like a drug. Window Seat is giving me everything I need and more.

Badu sparks much conversation with her new video for Window Seat. In the video she is seen walking through the streets of Dallas and taking off articles of clothing until she is naked. I think it’s hilarious that people are focused on Erykah’s ass shot. Yeah I know its shocking to see Erykah had all that back there . But, why do you think she hooked the likes of Andre 3000, and Common. She is a beautiful woman and intelligent to boot. For those who have not seen the video, I won’t give it all away. I just urge you to see the video for yourself and turn the volume way up.

click here to see Window Seat

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