Excuse Me Gossip Girl, But I Need More Drama!!!

Last night, Gossip Girl was one big love fest. Everyone is coupled up except for poor screw up, Jenny Humphrey. I did feel sorry for Chuck Bass this episode. This kid can’t catch a break. Chuck’s mother is apparently in love with Chuck’s uncle, Jack Bass. Jack Bass persuades Chuck’s mother to sign over The Empire Hotel to him. This devastates poor mumbling Chuck Bass.

Serena and Nate, as a couple is kind of …. I don’t know …. CORNY . I see them having sex quite a bit, but I don’t see any real chemistry there. But, if I had to terminate one of the beloved couples, it would be Dan and Vanessa *gags*. Am I the only one that thinks this couple is some B.S?

Last nights episode wasn’t enough drama. Where is the drama? This is why the ratings are slipping. You have the whole cast in relationships. No one wants to see them happy. We want cat fights and more DRAMA!

You can check out episodes of Gossip Girl here

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One thought on “Excuse Me Gossip Girl, But I Need More Drama!!!

  1. I haven’t caught Gossip Girl beyond the second season yet..But Dan and Venessa hook up???

    I was hoping they never did.. I think they make the odd-est couple with the coldest chemistry..

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