The Emotional Roller Coaster Known As Grey’s Anatomy

Maybe it  would be a good idea to start grabbing a box of tissues before I watch Grey’s. Last nights episode had Christina Yang’s boyfriend narrating. He is clearly crazy from serving his time in Iraq or something. His voice sounds creepy and he acts creepy. I kind of don’t like his character and wish they would send his ass wherever they sent Izzie.

The highlight of last nights episode were Darlene (Sara Gilbert) from Roseanne. Her character was dying and her boyfriend was dealing with it in his own way. So of course they had this big emotional moment as all the Grey’s Anatomy episodes have.

Callie had to tell Arizona she wants kids and by the look of the last 2 minutes of the show,  it didn’t go well. Good! I want Callie back with Mark. I love them together. Not a fan of droopy face Arizona anyway.

Okay enough about them. Lets talk about the hottest new addition to Grey’s Anatomy…Jesse Williams!!!!!!!!!!!! He needs more lines and more face time. I’m just saying!!! What do you think?

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