Your View Sucks Elizabeth…..

Sometimes it’s just painful to watch Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Thank God for Whoopie Goldberg. I couldn’t be on The View. I would shake the mess out of Elizabeth after the show. On yesterday’s show, Elizabeth voiced that members of the house were angry and that’s why they used racial slurs. OH! I am so glad Elizabeth explained to American viewers that it’s okay to shout out racial slurs when angry. Thanks bitch!

If you can stomach listening to this woman’s view  Click here

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2 thoughts on “Your View Sucks Elizabeth…..

  1. Dawn

    There is a such thing as a educated, ignorate damn fool. Her is Elizabeth Hasselbeyotch!

  2. Oh I so agree. The best part of my day is turning on the View and finding her gone for the day. She screams and interrupts and maintains that no one is letting her speak. Doesn’t she watch the show afterward and see how she behaves. I can’t say more or my blood pressure will rise.

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