Dancing With The Stars And Some Other Folks You Kind Of Know…

Last night I decided to watch Dancing With The Stars. I never have a clue who half of  the cast are. Who is in charge of the casting over there?? Who’s idea was it to put no names in the mix? I really wanted to see Brenda Walsh (Shannon Doherty) and Pamela Anderson. I remember when I used to work at the Sunset Marquis I would see Pamela Anderson visit Courtney Love in her villa. Pamela and Courtney were together  the night they taped  the infamous Comedy Central Roast Of Pamela Anderson. All night Courtney screamed, “I swear I’ve been sober for a year.” Oh Courtney! We didn’t believe you. But, I love you. Courtney Love is one of the nicest people you will ever meet in Hollywood. True Story.

Sooo back to DWTS…

I thought everyone did fairly well. Well, except for Erin Andrews and Kate Gosselin. Surprisingly the judges liked Erin Andrews (who the eff is she)…. and I thought she looked horrible. The judges crapped on Niecy Nash, but LOVED Pamela Anderson strip tease. To top it all off they made my Brenda Walsh cry. Wack! Have a gander at the cheese known as Dancing With The Stars

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One thought on “Dancing With The Stars And Some Other Folks You Kind Of Know…

  1. Chrystal

    Isn’t Erin the ESPN reporter who had that stalker taping her through her hotel room peep hole? Crazy story. She’s still not ‘famous’, but she’s known! Booooo Buzz Aldrin. Are they serious?!

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